Cirrus Business Internet

Cirrus offers an extensive portfolio of Business Internet services to match the needs of your business or remote offices. We advise on the optimal broadband service for each location, ensuring you get the service that fits your requirements. Our strategic partnerships with all of the major carriers in the United States and abroad allow us to deploy broadband internet services anywhere in the world.
Our team of engineers have over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications & IT industry. As a result, we are able to offer and support broadband services in even the most remote of locations.
At Cirrus Communications, we are continuously growing our own Fiber over Ethernet & Fixed Point wireless networks in Mobile, Alabama and the Eastern Shore. Through our strategic partnerships, we also offer a wide range of connectivity options including, but not limited to, Ethernet over Fiber, Traditional T1’s, T3 ‘s & DSL, Ethernet over Copper, Fixed point Wireless, Satellite, and Cable Broadband.

Cirrus Fiber

Fiber optics are the way of the future. As opposed to traditional metal cables, fiber optic cables are made up of glass threads. These cables and their technology literally transmit data at the speed of light. Fiber optic services are becoming more and more popular and readily available every day. With multiple benefits including security, speed, less interference, durability, and more, fiber is the best solution to meet your ever growing bandwidth and internet speed needs.

Fiber Advantages

Dedicated static bandwidth 24/7
Extremely reliable
Up to 10,000 Mbps download speeds
Resistance to electromagnetic interference
More durability underground
Ability to increase bandwidth instantly

Fixed Wireless Access

The Cirrus Fixed Wireless Access solution is designed to provide broadband and data solutions to both residential and business users in not only the city, but rural and urban areas as well. The service is designed to be ideal for your primary or backup solution. The Cirrus Business Internet solution is built to be “Turn Key” with a simple install by one of our technicians or a Cirrus certified reseller. Since we control every aspect of our solution, it allows us to provide highly scalable and affordable internet access for our customers.We offer a number of packages to suit your individual requirements. We do our best to provide extremely competitive low prices and exceptional service. Whatever size business you run, we have the broadband package for you.With our offices centrally located in Mobile, Alabama, we are in an ideal position to provide an excellent service to clients. In addition to providing a great service, we have a highly efficient Helpdesk Hotline to quickly assist you with any issues that arise. The deployment of these high speed service platforms, in addition to our reliability, and strong customer support ensures Cirrus Communications is a formidable player as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the markets that we provide service.